Download LLBLGen Pro Lite

Download Lite installer (20MB).

LLBLGen Pro Lite is the free edition. It's limited to 8 entities in a project and comes with no support.

Installation instructions.

Please unpack the file into a folder and run the LLBLGenPro-v51-Lite-setup.exe file (the LLBLGen Pro installer) it contains. It requires admin privileges to install LLBLGen Pro Lite. This means that after starting the installer, it might be you'll be asked to give permission to run the installer due to UAC. Simply click 'Allow' and the installer will run successfully.

The installer optionally installs a Visual Studio extension for Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015. Be sure to close all Visual Studio instances before running the installer.

Release notes

For the release notes about this build, please click here.

Migrating v2.x lgp files to v5.x llblgenproj files

If you're using v2.x, you can download the v2 to v5 project file conversion template in the additional downloads section to upgrade your v2.x projects to v5.


LLBLGen Pro Lite comes without support. If you want support, please purchase per-seat licenses.

Lite limitations

LLBLGen Pro Lite is free, but is limited to 8 entities per project and comes with no support. If you want to create projects with more entities, please purchase per-seat licenses. Code generated with the Lite version may be used for production purposes.


LLBLGen Pro Lite is also available on Chocolatey. To install LLBLGen Pro Lite using Chocolatey, type on a command line:

choco install llblgenpro-lite