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IDynamicRelation Methods

The IDynamicRelation type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetUsedEntityTypeNamesAndAliases
Gets per alias specified in a relation all entity names covered by that alias. This means that if an entity in a relation is based on multiple entities (through inheritance) it will return all entity names the entity is based on, from the actual entity to the root of the hierarchy path and every entity name in between. Also, if the relation contains derived tables, the fields filed under the alias of the derived table are returned.
(Inherited from IRelation.)
Public methodReadXml
Deserializes the object data on the xml reader into this instance
(Inherited from IRelation.)
Public methodSetLeftOperandPersistenceInfo
Sets the left operand persistence info.
Public methodSetRightOperandPersistenceInfo
Sets the right operand persistence info.
Public methodToggleArtificialAliasingForTargetPerEntityRelations
Enables / disables the artificial aliasing for target per entity relations. This method is used to enable the artificial aliasing of entities which are in a hierarchy of TargetPerEntity and which are in this relation. This is switched on for dyn/typedlist fetches to be sure dyn/typedlists with fields from multiple entities in the same inheritance hierarchy will be retrievable properly, as they need aliasing under the hood but if the developer didn't alias the entities, the query will fail because the supertype(s) aren't joined multiple types.
(Inherited from IRelation.)
Public methodWriteXml
Serializes the object as xml to the writer specified.
(Inherited from IRelation.)
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