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ISortClause Methods

The ISortClause type exposes the following members.

Public methodReadXml
Deserializes the object data on the xml reader into this instance
Public methodWriteXml
Serializes the object as xml to the writer specified.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCaseInsensitive
Sets the CaseSensitiveCollation flag on the sort clause specified. This will apply the UPPER() function (or db specific equivalent) to the field in the ORDER BY clause.
(Defined by SortClauseProducers.)
Public Extension MethodDontEmitAliasForExpressionAggregateField
Sets the EmitAliasForExpressionAggregateField flag on the sort clause specified to false. The value of the flag indicates whether the alias of the field should be emitted if it has an expression/aggregate or the full field / expression. Using this method sets this flag to false indicating that the field in this sortclause isn't used in the projection and it has an expression/aggregate assigned to it.
(Defined by SortClauseProducers.)
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